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Why We Built

All good companies should strive to solve a problem, and as someone who has shopped for merchant account services for my own small business (in fact every member of our team has), I can tell you, the industry is rife with bad companies, poor customer service, confusing “gotcha” pricing, and used car salesman-like haggling.

We felt like by using technology, industry expertise, and collective bargaining, we could shift the balance of power back to the merchant, and make it easy for business owners to find a good quality merchant services company that actually offered what they needed, at better pricing than the business could get on their own. So that is what is designed to do.

Our Mission:

To improve the way business owners select credit card processing services.

What is is a website that creates a better way for business owners to find, compare, and obtain Merchant Account Services. To accomplish that we offer:

  • Detailed Pricing Information: is the only website that lists detailed pricing for the providers we review. Moreover, we convert their often convoluted pricing into an easy to understand total monthly cost that accurately estimates the total out of pocket cost of using a particular provider.
  • A Robust Matching Tool:
    The Match Tool™ is the first online search tool that allows merchants to sort 40+ providers by the features they offer and the sizes and types of businesses they can provide credit card processing for.
  • Detailed Reviews with Secret Shopper Feedback:
    Not only have we created detailed reviews of most major credit card processors, but we’ve tested their claims through secret shopper calls to those companies, and reported the experience, good or bad, on our website.
  • Pre-Negotiated Discount Rates:
    We’ve tried to shift the balance of power back to merchants by using our negotiating power as a source of potentially hundreds of merchants to negotiate discounted rates with many credit card processors, and pass those savings on to the merchant.
  • Pricing & Term Transparency:
    The credit card processing industry uses convoluted pricing and hidden terms to a degree that would make cable companies blush. We’ve tried to fix all that by converting all pricing structures to a single estimated total cost, and forced processors to disclose contract terms that they would otherwise try to gloss over.
  • Ongoing Support:
    We’re trying to change the way an industry works, and there’s bound to be some problems along the way. That’s why we try to make sure you continue to receive the cheaper more transparent terms for the life of your account. We do that by offering, for free, services like Free Statement Analysis and Hidden Fee Protection.

Request a Review: does not charge to review merchant services companies. If you’d like your company reviewed, please complete the following form: Merchant Services Company Review Request. is now offline.

Thank you to all of our site visitors for a great three years!

Much of our team has transitioned to join Soar Payments, a merchant account provider. If you need a mid or high risk merchant account consider, Soar Payments.

Soar Payments is the #1 industry leader for mid and high risk credit card processing, as reflected by their many satisfied customer reviews. Click here to read real life customer reviews for Soar Payments.

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